Parent Child Attachment Play (PCAP) proposal

An indirect dyadic attachment approach, which works on the attachment relationship acting as context foundation for life..


PCAP is very innovative and empowering early help attachment programme for parents and
children aged 3-15. This is a gentle, play-based approach aimed at improving the attachment
quality of the parent-child relationship using attachment mechanisms and child-oriented play
with parents/carers and their children. This programme is based on the latest attachment
research which shows that supporting the parent- child relationship enables the best outcomes
for children because when this is working then helpful child behaviour generally follows and
family life becomes manageable.

3 skills are taught through interactive workshop style sessions to use within a weekly playtime
the parent will have with the child. These skills empower the parents and carers as change
agents in their own family.


10-steps METHOD (12-16 weeks)
1. Introductions and referral form.
2. Assessment, Parent-Child play observation (optional) and contracting.
3. Skill 1: Play
4. Skill 2: Containment
5. Plan home playtimes and revise skills 1 and 2 as needed.
6. Skill 3: Reflective functioning (attachment).
• 1 session – Head (really focusing on the child and keeping them in mind), Heart (recognise the child’s feelings).
• 1 session – Hands (what to say and do to show child you are attuned).
7. Plan, set-up and begin you and me playtimes with Support of practitioner
8. Continue weekly sessions with practitioner until playtimes are going well at home –
discussion, practice, goal-setting.
9. Phone meetings/email for support.
10. Ending (report). Evaluation Base.

(TOPSE) which measures Parental Self -Efficacy. Completed before and after.

This approach can be used with individuals and groups. Please contact me for more information.